Definition of dodecaphonic in English:



another term for twelve-note
  • ‘Fifty-five years after his death, Anton Webern still leads listeners through a musical underworld where even dodecaphonic and atonal rules simply don't apply.’
  • ‘The composer began as a Schoenberg disciple and produced a lovely piano concerto in the dodecaphonic style.’
  • ‘The liner notes make a big deal of the fact that some of the music of the finale follows dodecaphonic practice.’
  • ‘One thinks of Bloch's music as having a distinctive voice, despite a fairly wide range of idiom - from neo-Romantic to neoclassical to dodecaphonic to something entirely individual.’
  • ‘I studied the piece from a dodecaphonic, serial point of view, which yields some remarkable insights into the work, but I don't think such an exclusive adherence necessary.’