Definition of dodge a bullet in English:

dodge a bullet


  • Manage to avoid a difficult or unwelcome situation.

    ‘his side dodged a bullet as two last-gasp goals handed Rochdale a 3–2 win over Northampton’
    • ‘His 2003 Tour victory was almost a loss - in his own words, he "dodged a bullet."’
    • ‘Perhaps the Germans dodged a bullet by virtue of their refusal to compete.’
    • ‘The President appears to have dodged a bullet in the investigation.’
    • ‘I hadn't asked her out yet so I dodged a bullet.’
    • ‘Though automakers have dodged a bullet, they may not be so lucky the next time.’
    • ‘Residents here feel like they dodged a bullet even as the wind and the rain keeps pounding the island.’
    • ‘He dodged a bullet with his Oct. 24 mistrial, but his troubles aren't over.’
    • ‘The city's elites thought they had dodged a bullet by pulling some well-placed political strings within the state government.’
    • ‘By first light there had been no reports of deaths or serious injuries, but the state's premier said it was "too early to talk about dodging a bullet".’
    • ‘A dysfunctional Credit system once again dodges the bullet that would have forced the commencement of a long overdue and desperately needed adjustment.’