Definition of dog's disease in English:

dog's disease

(also dog disease)


mass nouninformal, datedAustralian
  • Any of various ailments causing weakness and exhaustion, especially influenza or gastroenteritis.

    ‘I'm trying to get over the dog's disease myself, so sitting on the couch today in front of the TV’
    • ‘There are not many sheepmen who get through the week without contracting influenza or dog's disease.’
    • ‘He was very distressed to know I had the dog's disease.’
    • ‘The huts were unlined and draughty, promoting an epidemic of dog's disease or upper respiratory tract infection.’
    • ‘Something should be done to reduce the many cases of dog's disease that come from the Sydney sheep sales.’
    • ‘Medical tests confirmed that her lifelong dog's disease was multiple sclerosis.’