Definition of dog-eared in English:



  • (of an object made from paper) having the corners worn or battered with use.

    ‘a dog-eared paperback book’
    • ‘I found no joy in cleaning up some little tyrant's mess and I didn't have enough emotion in me to cry over a silly dog-eared card.’
    • ‘The yellowed pages were dog-eared and extremely battered, and I replaced it gingerly on the shelf as I went to answer the door.’
    • ‘It was a worn book, pages dog-eared, and edges faded.’
    • ‘Beside the bed was a stack of worn books, dog-eared and creased.’
    • ‘He liked old and beaten books with the pages slightly worn and dog-eared from use.’
    • ‘Let's go back to reading recipes in food-stained, dog-eared paperback books instead.’
    • ‘Many of them opened bistros or little restaurants with big ideas and some dog-eared paperbacks.’
    • ‘Of course he would never have been able to discard a used sheet and his would have looked like an enormous, dog-eared paperback after about a week.’
    • ‘Somewhere on my bookshelves, I've got many a dog-eared and tatty book from the 1980s and early 90s about the home video revolution.’
    • ‘No matter how ratty or dog-eared or water-stained the book, it will find a happy home with me, at least temporarily.’
    • ‘He sighed audibly in the empty shop and thumbed at a dog-eared corner.’
    • ‘He was reading a dog-eared Raymond Chandler paperback instead of the anatomy text he planned to study.’
    • ‘He placed all three mugs on the laminate table top, along with three hideously chocolatey muffins and a shabby looking flyer, dog-eared and yellow.’
    • ‘It was torn along the bottom, and dog-eared at the corners.’
    • ‘Everything in the movie is old: every carpet is frayed, every book dog-eared, every scrap of metal rusted through.’
    • ‘Her school books would be worth nothing, or at least close to nothing at a pawn shop - too many ripped and dog-eared corners.’
    • ‘All four corners were dog-eared, some were torn, but she would have recognised it anywhere.’
    • ‘It was tattered and dog-eared, and its margins bore notes in my mother's girlish hand.’
    • ‘Among the pots and pans was a dog-eared ledger book with faded batters.’
    • ‘One might wonder why someone would go nosing around a musty corner to buy an old dog-eared book instead of buying crisp, gleaming copies.’
    worn out, worn, well worn, old