Definition of dog fence in English:

dog fence


  • A fence erected around an area to keep out dingoes.

    ‘the 584-kilometre fence is designed to keep dogs out of New South Wales’
    Also called dingo fence
    • ‘It was time for me to move on, and I wondered what I would find next along the dog fence.’
    • ‘An estimated $7 million is spent annually trying to control wild dogs, with another $10 million to maintain the dog fence stretching across three states.’
    • ‘Roo shooters are another nocturnal creature of the outback, and the dog fence is one of their favourite haunts.’
    • ‘I had enough time to refuel and organise my gear for the next stretch of the dog fence.’
    • ‘Having been out on the dog fence since six that morning, all I wanted to do was stop for a few hours and give my brain and body rest.’
    • ‘He knows all the history on the famous dog fence, and runs a successful sheep station in one of the driest parts of the state.’
    • ‘The dog fence extends 584 kilometres along the New South Wales and South Australian and Queensland borders.’
    • ‘He recently had a tour of the dog fence and says it's in pretty good condition.’
    • ‘More than 10 kilometres of the boundary of the sanctuary is made up of the dog fence, and I wanted to see how it could be used as a tool for conservation.’
    • ‘The dog fence, standing between 5 and 8 feet high, is a netting fence, with plastic netting along the ground and barbed wire along the top of the South Australian side.’