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dog rose

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  • A delicately scented Eurasian wild rose with pink or white flowers.

    Genus Rosa, family Rosaceae: several closely related species, in particular R. canina

    ‘In the course of our short walk, Barry reckons he's counted no fewer than 16 species of the ‘prettier’ wildflowers, including cranesbill, herb robert, various clovers, ribwort plantain, figwort and dog rose.’
    • ‘The trustees said that they would also consider planting bushes such as blackthorn, buckthorn, hazel, dog rose and crab apple bushes in selected zones around the trees as well.’
    • ‘Hedges of thorn and dog rose give way to hedges of neat privet, a suburban section where I felt a right Charlie booted and rucksacked.’
    • ‘As if flushed by the cold, the flowers are singed pink, resembling the dog roses of its common name.’
    • ‘Saddest of all, her famous rose garden is falling into ruin: dog roses run wild, the lawns, thick with clover, are uncut, and docks and ragwort spread between the paving stones.’


dog rose

/ˈdôɡ ˌrōz/ /ˈdɔɡ ˌroʊz/