Definition of dog tucker in English:

dog tucker


mass noun
  • 1New Zealand Food for working dogs.

    ‘the thawed chicken was kept for dog tucker’
    • ‘At least five slow racehorses had been saved from becoming dog tucker by being transported in the float.’
    • ‘I may have become vegetarian, but it is no excuse for you, little critter, to reject good dog tucker!’
    • ‘He or she has fed the royal corgis frozen and reheated dog tucker instead of the freshly cooked meals required for them.’
    • ‘He meets a horse about to become dog tucker and becomes involved in the harness-racing scene.’
    • ‘We rode over to Ashhurst with everything tied to our saddles, with a big sack of dog tucker.’
    • ‘We hung our dog tucker in a tree in a farmer's paddock.’
    • ‘There was no dog biscuits in those days, so we were always struggling to get enough dog tucker.’
    • ‘We stayed at the pub again and got more dog tucker.’
    • ‘Some of the boys came up with some dog tucker for us.’
    • ‘Dogs were always well fed at the drovers' whare, where there was endless dog tucker.’
    1. 1.1informal A person or organization in a hopeless situation.
      ‘without his seat, the party is dog tucker’
      • ‘He was done like dog tucker, because he thinks that New Zealand communities are stupid.’
      • ‘If your product doesn't perform, you're dog tucker.’
      • ‘Because you support the reform bill, you're dog tucker in your electorate.’
      • ‘Let's get used to the idea that in a few months he will be political dog tucker.’
      • ‘He even got away with a telling and stinging rebuke of the Speaker, who in a short time has been rendered dog tucker.’
      • ‘If he follows his policy, he will be dog tucker at the next election.’
      • ‘A leader of a government must exercise tight control, and any prime minister who is too trusting of colleagues will end up dog tucker.’
      • ‘He knows he is in a key marginal provincial seat, and he knows that with this trend he is dog tucker.’
      • ‘The fact of the matter is that he ain't got it, never had it, and now is dog tucker.’
      • ‘She knows he is dog tucker, and she is looking towards the future.’