Definition of dog violet in English:

dog violet


  • A scentless wild violet, typically having purple or lilac flowers.

    Genus Viola, family Violaceae: several species

    • ‘In the drier parts of the reserve, where common dog violets grow beneath bracken, the microclimate is ideal for the caterpillars of small, pearl-bordered fritillary.’
    • ‘Spring flowers to notice include primrose and cowslips in hedgerows, bluebells, snowdrops and dog violets in woodlands and lady's smock and marsh marigold in wetland areas.’
    • ‘Flowers such as wild thyme, dog violets and rest harrows grow in grassy areas on sand dunes, whilst yellow horned poppy and sea pea grow on the vegetated areas of shingle.’
    • ‘Its caterpillars feed on the leaves of dog violets, and the adult butterflies like to nectar at thistles and bramble flowers.’
    • ‘The dog violet is unperfumed, will tolerate more shade than the sweet violet and has a longer flowering period, extending from March to June.’