Definition of dogbane in English:



  • A shrubby North American plant, typically having bell-shaped flowers and reputed to be poisonous to dogs.

    Genus Apocynum, family Apocynaceae

    • ‘Blue stars are related to dogbanes, oleander, and periwinkles, and produce a similarly milky sap which can be messy.’
    • ‘Tillage with a chisel plow, disk, or field cultivator may actually help spread perennials with creeping root systems, such as Canada thistle and hemp dogbane.’
    • ‘Because some perennial broadleaf weeds, such as bindweeds, hemp dogbane, common milkweed, and Jerusalem artichoke, cannot be controlled effectively for relay intercropping, severely infested fields should be avoided.’
    • ‘The leaves are larger and more elliptical than hemp dogbane and all plant parts exude a milky substance when broken.’
    • ‘Control of johnsongrass, hemp dogbane, and volunteer corn is often achieved using concentrated solutions of herbicides applied in this manner.’