Definition of dogbox in English:



  • A compartment in a railway carriage without a corridor.


    in the dogbox
    New Zealand, South African informal
    • In disfavour.

      ‘I was in the dogbox right enough’
      • ‘Nope, I'm still in the dogbox, and shouldn't have commented on the jam trips to the dessert.’
      • ‘He has been in the dogbox after a television documentary on child prostitution showed him flirting with underage girls.’
      • ‘Before we worked out we were on competing mobile networks, the poor man was constantly in the dogbox for not getting back to me quick enough.’
      • ‘If you are in the dogbox and are sorry about something, a ‘poem to say I'm sorry’ might be just what you need.’
      • ‘There are also many helpful pointers that will help you avoid those nights in the dogbox and those nasty flower bills.’


Early 19th century originally denoting a box for a dog to lie in, later denoting a railway compartment for transporting dogs.