Definition of dogdom in English:



mass noun
  • The world of dogs and dog enthusiasts.

    ‘he knows 200 commands and 70 hand signals, a vocabulary record in dogdom’
    • ‘Harry's a mixed breed - ‘the couture of dogdom’ to quote the Italian actress and model.’
    • ‘I mean the circuses where dogs are somehow persuaded to do things that are antithetical to dogdom, like learn to ride a tricycle or serve petits fours in a French maid's outfit.’
    • ‘To my knowledge, dogdom hasn't yet solved the visible fence problem.’
    • ‘Emotional selfishness is not a concept in dogdom and they don't know how hard we sometimes have to fight against it ourselves.’
    • ‘Prized by the European aristocracy for its distinctive appearance, the harlequin pattern is widely acknowledged as the most difficult color to breed correctly in all of dogdom and is unique to Great Danes.’