Definition of dogface in English:



informal, datedUS
  • A US soldier, especially an infantryman.

    • ‘The artist/soldier's cast of characters was small: two ‘dogfaces,’ unshaven, battle-weary men known only as Willie and Joe, uttered the terse remarks that served as punch lines for the Best Generation.’
    • ‘From the frozen guns of American dogfaces in the Korean conflict, to the jammed M16s that became a national scandal in the early days of the war in Vietnam, weapons systems failing in combat have been a well-documented horror story.’
    • ‘The film's heroes, Willie and Joe, were dogfaces.’
    • ‘OK, I know that it might be a complete hoax - on the Internet, no-one knows you're a dogface - but it seems to really be written by a reservist who's now over there.’
    • ‘A dogface who waded ashore at Normandy and fought at the Battle of Bastogne gives us with realistic detail a horrifying sense of the firefight.’
    infantrymen, foot soldiers, foot guards