Definition of dogfighting in English:



See dogfight

‘Another interesting twist is that some of the videos were filmed in Japan, where dogfighting is apparently not illegal.’
  • ‘They are the kind of people who have little compassion for anything wild and are happy to participate in such pursuits as dogfighting and cockfighting.’
  • ‘An impressively comprehensive Training mode guides players from simple maneuvering techniques to complex aerobatics, dogfighting, and air-to-ground combat.’
  • ‘Instead, the focus of the game is hot-and-heavy dogfighting using WWI aircraft.’
  • ‘Most require a lot of heavy-duty dogfighting, where you'll face wave after wave of enemy planes.’



/ˈdôɡˌfīdiNG/ /ˈdɔɡˌfaɪdɪŋ/