Definition of dogfish in English:


noundogfish, dogfishes

  • 1A small sand-coloured bottom-dwelling shark with a long tail, common on European coasts.

    Scyliorhinus canicula, family Scyliorhinidae

    • ‘Eleven of these are of the shark variety, who live in blissful harmony with stingrays, thornback rays, conger eels and dogfish, to name but a few.’
    • ‘Lesser spotted dogfish are amongst the most common bottom dwelling fish in many areas and can be a real nuisance when trying to catch more desirable species.’
    • ‘In some areas small skates and dogfish (a small shark species) appear to have taken over the cod's niche in the ecosystem.’
    • ‘In the intestine there is a spiral valve, like that in the dogfish, which is not present in more advanced bony fishes.’
    • ‘I also had a chance encounter with a lesser-spotted dogfish, so common on the West Coast but fairly rare here.’
  • 2with modifier A small shark that resembles or is related to the dogfish, sometimes caught for food.

    Several genera in the families Scyliorhinidae, Squalidae, and Triakidae

    • ‘Among the smallest shark species is the deepwater dogfish shark.’
    • ‘In particular, the isolation of separate bullfrog and dogfish shark gastrin- and CCKlike peptides suggests that gastrin evolved much earlier than originally hypothesized.’
    • ‘Further work is needed to establish whether the homologous CCK and gastrin act as separate peptides in dogfish sharks.’
    • ‘Single forms were cloned from dogfish shark, greenland shark, both lamprey species, hagfish, and amphioxus.’
    • ‘Also to be protected are various species of ‘deep sea sharks’ such as the leafscale gulper shark, the mouse catshark, velvet belly and birdbeak dogfish.’