Definition of doggedly in English:



  • In a manner that shows tenacity and grim persistence.

    ‘she has doggedly pursued her own path’
    ‘Grant is doggedly determined to uncover the truth’
    • ‘Analysts face criticism for sticking doggedly to recommendations to buy or hold shares whose price is falling.’
    • ‘Washington clung doggedly to the gold standard despite the disastrously deflationary effect of this policy.’
    • ‘In the sky above Germany, the men were fighting doggedly and with heavy losses.’
    • ‘The movie detective is an archetypal Western hero: stoic, logical, and doggedly determined.’
    • ‘Jim's a writer who remains too detached, too doggedly independent to form any lasting relationship.’
    • ‘Opposing him is a quiet, doggedly persistent cop, who is determined to bring him down.’
    • ‘Every Republican administration since Reagan has doggedly opposed minimum wage increases.’
    • ‘He headed down the streets at top speed with Nick following doggedly at his heels.’
    • ‘And repeatedly and doggedly he has denied the allegations made against him.’
    • ‘It was as if this set-back galvanised the Borders side: they started to defend doggedly, even attacking with determination.’