Definition of doggish in English:



  • 1Of or like a dog.

    ‘Tough to break down and doggish in their efforts, they took the Kingdom to a replay before eventually losing out 2-9 to 3-10.’
    • ‘The artist used bravura painterly techniques to depict comic-book-style characters, many of whom had buck-toothed, doggish muzzles and half-rounded, Mickey-like eyes.’
    • ‘The woman was too deep in thought to even consider what the doggish creature was doing.’
    • ‘If Tristan doesn't have the guts to tell Sherri what kind of doggish deed he's been up to, then you should definitely forget him.’
    • ‘The creature cocked his entire head, another doggish gesture that was somewhat endearing.’
    • ‘Jesse gave me an insulted look, as though he was hurt by my thinking he would do something so doggish, and he grabbed a chip, leaving me impatiently waiting for an explanation.’
    • ‘But April was thinking of other things as she walked up to a large, bluish-gray, chimera-like bird with doggish ears and hawk wings.’
    • ‘The new guy looks the class over then grins a doggish half smirk and practically declaring himself as the new class hotty he says.’
    • ‘The moonlight lay sprawled across the jackal's face as he spoke with a growl, a doggish snarl.’
    • ‘The man moved his head slightly so I could make out a brown doggish snout and a black nose.’
    1. 1.1 archaic (of a person) having the bad qualities of a dog, especially by being bad-tempered or snappish.



/ˈdôɡiSH/ /ˈdɔɡɪʃ/