Definition of doggo in English:



informalin phrase lie doggo
  • Remain motionless and quiet to escape detection.

    ‘a dozen officers had been lying doggo for hours’
    • ‘Vets come home and the wars come with them, lying doggo sometimes for years, then popping up at the most inconvenient of times.’
    • ‘I think he was lying doggo until the old one popped his clogs.’
    • ‘Despite their numbers and their refusal to lie doggo in the face of the security cordon, there was no repetition of the riots that brought Seattle to a standstill just over a year ago.’
    hide, go into hiding, hide out, find a hiding place, conceal oneself, keep out of sight, keep a low profile, take cover, go to earth, go to ground, go underground, cover one's tracks, lurk, skulk


Late 19th century of obscure origin; apparently from dog+ -o.