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  • 1North American A dog's kennel.

    ‘The organization has spent well over a quarter of a million dollars to improve the facilities, build and deliver doghouses for animals left outside in all weather.’
    • ‘I regard organized religion in much the same way a turtle regards a doghouse - I'm pretty well covered, thank you, so let's just keep ignoring each other.’
    • ‘It's about this big, and it shows the cartoon dog on top of the doghouse lying there, and his owner standing next to him with a little bowl of food.’
    • ‘This year's statues will feature the cartoon dog lying atop his doghouse with his feathered friend, Woodstock, on his stomach.’
    • ‘Would you spend four grand on a doghouse or plunk down a few hundred for a cat stroller?’
    • ‘But most dogs seem to appreciate having a shelter of their own, such as a doghouse.’
    • ‘The exhibit's grand finale was a gala auction of the winning doghouses that raised money for the SPCA and the museum.’
    • ‘Living space does not include a structure, such as a doghouse, in which an animal is not confined, or a cage, crate, or other structure in which the animal is temporarily confined.’
    • ‘The grounds featured temple-shaped doghouses and pools on which Ward floated models of Roman ships.’
    • ‘The City Council approved a law that requires dog owners to waterproof all doghouses and equip them with bedding and self-closing doors or flaps.’
    • ‘He motioned to a part of the stall where hay blanketed the floor and a cozy doghouse resided in the corner.’
    • ‘Joe built the large doghouse to keep them dry and comfortable in bad weather.’
    • ‘There was a doghouse built as a miniature carbon copy in the side yard, and Emily saw a black lab huddled inside of it.’
    • ‘He lives both in and out of the house, with a fenced yard and an outdoor doghouse where he sleeps except in the coldest weather.’
    • ‘Many of the 125 new items will help your new pets feel right at home, including a doghouse, birdcage and litter box.’
    • ‘I once knew an Episcopalian lady in Newport, Rhode Island, who asked me to design and build a doghouse for her Great Dane.’
    • ‘Finally, Nicholas packed all his stuff inside the doghouse he bought and handed Kathleen the puppy to carry while he carried their things.’
    • ‘The next morning, Billy makes a doghouse for his pups.’
    • ‘Bray, their beagle, was tied to a doghouse nearby.’
    • ‘Shadow crawled farther back into his doghouse.’
    1. 1.1Sailing A raised area at the after end of a yacht's coachroof, providing standing room.



/ˈdôɡˌ(h)ous/ /ˈdɔɡˌ(h)aʊs/


    be in the doghouse
    • Be in mild or temporary disfavor.

      • ‘his country is in the doghouse’
      • ‘‘I think you're still in the doghouse, dude,’ Alvin said.’
      • ‘When I was their age and I got in trouble with my mom and dad, I knew I was in big big trouble if they called me by the full name - I was in the doghouse.’
      • ‘So, justly or not, I'm in the doghouse, as my eight-year-old daughter, in particular, regrets missing the ceremony.’
      • ‘Among them is Katie, an alpha girl with an X-rated vocabulary who is constantly in the doghouse for acting up.’
      • ‘The wife thought I'd done it on purpose, so I was in the doghouse for a while.’
      • ‘After arriving at her U.S. coach's initial camp 15 pounds overweight and lacking quickness, Scurry immediately found herself in the doghouse.’
      • ‘Rome is already in the doghouse for breaching the deficit limits three of the past five years and is unlikely to mend its spending habits in the foreseeable future.’
      • ‘I admitted that I did this, and now I am in the doghouse.’
      • ‘He remembered a lot of times when his dad would stay at the station because he was in the doghouse with his mom.’
      • ‘After almost 15 years in the economic doghouse, Japan shows real signs of emerging from its long deflationary slump.’