Definition of dogmatics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • A system of principles laid down by an authority, especially the Roman Catholic Church, as incontrovertibly true.

    ‘it is a work of analysis, not of dogmatics’
    • ‘As church dogmatics, as the faith of the community seeking understanding, theology is inherently communitarian.’
    • ‘Almost single-handedly Karl Barth retrieved dogmatics for the mainstream of academic theology after its marginalization in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.’
    • ‘American neo-orthodoxy in the 1940s and 1950s typically meant a compound of Brunner's dogmatics, Niebuhr's theological ethics, and the scripture scholarship of the biblical theology movement.’
    • ‘When done in spirit and in truth, both theology and worship alike, dogmatics and doxology, are a fitting tribute.’
    • ‘‘It's the study of dogmatics, you know, universal truth, what you know as opposed to what you believe,’ he replies.’



/dôɡˈmadiks/ /dɔɡˈmædɪks/