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transitive verbtransitive verb dognaps, transitive verb dognapping, transitive verb dognapped, transitive verb dognaping, transitive verb dognaped

[with object] informal
  • Steal (a dog), especially in order to sell it.

    • ‘Lassie had been dognapped by a shady businessman’
    • ‘I dognapped the dog though.’
    • ‘After Odie is dognapped, Garfield sets out on a journey to find his long-lost canine cohort.’
    • ‘I never noticed a thing until my girl was dognapped last week (totally my fault; I tied her up outside a store as I always did in San Francisco, but this is Los Angeles).’
    • ‘The film is a mix of live action and computer animation, in which Garfield reluctantly adopts the role of hero-in-training when Odie is dognapped by a ruthless TV host.’
    • ‘It made me very mad when news channel skipped my brother's story for some rich person's dog who was dognapped.’
    • ‘If you act too weird, some sleazy carny operator's liable to try to dognap you and make you perform for dog bones.’
    • ‘The owner of a valuable prize Shih-tzu commissions the lads to dognap another champion Shih-tzu which belongs to his ex-lover and biggest rival.’
    • ‘The tension between the species comes to a head when the Brody family dog is kid - er, dognapped.’
    • ‘I began pacing, worried that its owner might wander by in the midst of what he thought was a casual late-afternoon walk with his ‘Liberian Rusky’ and seeing us, accuse us of dognapping.’



/ˈdäɡˌnap/ /ˈdɑɡˌnæp/


Late 19th century from dog + -nap (in kidnap), after catnap.