Definition of dogpile in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdäɡˌpīl/ /ˈdɑɡˌpaɪl/


informal North American
  • 1A disorderly heap of people formed around one person on whom the others jump.

    • ‘he was mobbed by his teammates in a dogpile near mid-court’
    1. 1.1A situation in which criticism or abuse is directed at a person or group from multiple sources.
      • ‘the mere suggestion is of course enough to warrant a tabloid dogpile’
      • ‘when you have all three opposition parties, it turns into a dogpile on the government’
  • 2A lump of dog excrement.

    • ‘I could spot a number of dogpiles in the sand’


informal North American
  • 1(of a number of people) jump on top of another person or one another so as to form a disorderly heap.

    • ‘the players poured out of the dugout to dogpile on Wright at second base’
    • ‘the girls regularly tussle and dogpile each other’
    1. 1.1(of a number of people) join in directing critical or abusive comments at another person or group.
      • ‘why do I continue to read endless editorials dogpiling on him after his recent election loss?’
      • ‘those who disagree with the points raised get dogpiled and censored’