Definition of dogpile in English:



  • 1A disorderly heap of people formed around one person on whom the others jump.

    ‘he was mobbed by his teammates in a dogpile near mid-court’
    • ‘Ten minutes later, his team collapsed in a dogpile on the infield.’
    • ‘Now Trevor will have his own chance to try to jump into a joyful dogpile on the diamond.’
    • ‘They hide in their cave at night, huddled in a dogpile.’
    • ‘Jeff lost his footing at one point in the fracas, with a dogpile quickly forming near the first-base bag.’
    • ‘A handful of the Sheehan baseball players who were in a giddy dogpile on Friday night were a brokenhearted mess March 11.’
    • ‘He slapped the game-winning single into left field and briefly vanished beneath a dogpile at first base.’
    • ‘But there were no champagne baths, no dogpiles at center ice and no locker room celebrations when it was over.’
    • ‘He's still the leader of the Ravens defense, but he spends much more of his time on the field jumping on the top of dogpiles rather than crushing running backs.’
    • ‘Every time I see these celebrations and dogpiles with large athletes jumping on top of each other, I expect to hear someone injured something.’
    • ‘He quickly found himself in the middle of a celebratory dogpile, trying to block pokes to his ribs and slaps to the stomach.’
    1. 1.1A situation in which criticism or abuse is directed at a person or group from multiple sources.
      ‘the mere suggestion is of course enough to warrant a tabloid dogpile’
      ‘when you have all three opposition parties, it turns into a dogpile on the government’
      • ‘Dogpiles might be unseemly, but with the future of commercial drones currently being determined by the FAA, this kind of publicity deserves a heaping of scorn.’
      • ‘Within days everyone would figure out who he was, and the dogpile would start again.’
      • ‘No dogpile, it is a legitimate concern, but I'd say his 30-year voting record shows that he is not controlled opposition.’
      • ‘Enter the usual dogpile from commenters: he's a traitor and a sellout, airing his views not from sincerity but because he wants to make a buck.’
      • ‘I sense a dogpile about to occur - you'd think a reasonable commentator at one of the networks that allowed Smith to lie to their viewers might want to get in on this.’
      • ‘They held the candidate's hand and led a dogpile on whichever opponent was surging at the moment.’
      • ‘Hate to join the dog pile but a thousand paces of a Roman legionnaire is no longer an applicable unit of measure.’
      • ‘Jumping onto the dog pile of people less than pleased with Brazil's World Cup preparations, the Brazilian legend called the situation a disgrace.’
      • ‘The paper's book editor leaped aboard the dog pile: "Much of the first number is perfectly dreadful."’
      • ‘It's not so much a dog pile as it is a mutual agreement that the song was rock bottom and everything else has to be better than that.’
  • 2A lump of dog excrement.

    ‘I could spot a number of dogpiles in the sand’
    • ‘He wreaked havoc, trying to ruin live news shots and and leaving dog piles - virtual ones, at least - everywhere.’
    • ‘You're like that relationship I had a decade ago - it stunk like a dog pile.’
    • ‘When your peers push you over into the dog pile or when they tear your jacket, nothing that they could do would do anything except make you want to earn more.’
    • ‘Every year, I'm out in the melting snow, picking up dog piles as they are exposed.’
    • ‘They all come with a little plastic bag, with which to pick up the dogpile of their animal companion, so as not to befoul the public park.’


  • 1(of a number of people) jump on top of another person or one another so as to form a disorderly heap.

    no object ‘the players poured out of the dugout to dogpile on Wright at second base’
    with object ‘the girls regularly tussle and dogpile each other’
    • ‘I grinned as one, the largest in mass and muscle, was dogpiled by all others.’
    • ‘In the contemporary incarnation of the story one anachronistic cliché is dog-piled onto another.’
    • ‘The team dogpiled on the infield to celebrate its first baseball title since winning the Big Eight in 1980.’
    • ‘I just saw the other team drop to the ground in total exhaustion and then one of my teammates jumped on me, and everybody dog-piled.’
    • ‘Nik missed a heave at the buzzer and the Wildcats (28-10) rushed off the bench and dogpiled Harrison at midcourt.’
    • ‘You can commit a crime in the middle of nowhere with no witnesses and the guards will somehow know and immediately dogpile you on sight.’
    • ‘As the Mets dogpiled like Little Leaguers, NYPD stormed the field, afraid a deliriously happy Shea crowd might tear the place apart.’
    • ‘"There would be nothing better than dog-piling with my team and winning states with them," he said.’
    • ‘Ethan circles the bases and steps on home plate, where his teammates dogpile him.’
    • ‘Several other cops dogpiled on top of him.’
    • ‘This is a photo of David getting dog-piled after a goal.’
    1. 1.1(of a number of people) join in directing critical or abusive comments at another person or group.
      no object ‘why do I continue to read endless editorials dogpiling on him after his recent election loss?’
      with object ‘those who disagree with the points raised get dogpiled and censored’
      • ‘Unfortunately, this really wouldn't have been a story until everyone dog-piled on the racial angle.’
      • ‘It's clearly false that anyone who cares about social justice just likes dogpiling.’
      • ‘He would get dogpiled by people, delete his account, register a new one, and start posting again.’
      • ‘Every time I say anything about free speech, I get dogpiled with people "explaining" to me that "the First Amendment doesn't mean blah blah blah".’
      • ‘The Internet is dog-piling on the future movie release, complaining that it lost the spirit of the series they loved as young 'uns.’
      • ‘The reporters are going to dogpile him; it's already started.’
      • ‘If you believe that your ideas are correct, let's have some, instead of dogpiling onto someone else's stupid suggestions of insanity.’
      • ‘Some readers might want a neutral account that they could speculate on but others want a slanted account that they could dog-pile on.’
      • ‘They tend to resort to non-argument methods like non-validated dismissiveness, arrogance, viciousness, dogpiling, lies, contempt, mockery, vulgarity.’
      • ‘There is a consistent pushing of feminist propaganda, with those who might disagree with the points raised getting dogpiled and censored.’
      • ‘This piece was directed at Twitter commenters who dog-piled a relatively inoffensive article and, in so doing, claimed that advocating self-defense training = victim blaming.’