Definition of Dogrib in English:



  • 1A member of a Dene people of north-western Canada.

    • ‘Then, most Dogribs were still not speaking English and had no concept of the country called Canada.’
    • ‘No one among the Dogribs broke out to do any fancy dancing, - the accompaniment was by voice only.’
    • ‘Aboriginally, the several socioterritorial groups or regional bands of Dogribs were autonomous.’
    • ‘After that the Dogribs paddled quietly up the Greygoose River, and meekly returned to their woodland home.’
    • ‘The Dogribs and other Athapaskan tribes no longer had to send their furs through Chipewyan middlemen or travel long distances to Hudson Bay to trade.’
  • 2mass noun The Athabaskan language of the Dogrib, with about 2,000 speakers.


  • Relating to the Dogrib or their language.

    • ‘In 1959, she joined a colleague for five months of fieldwork, beginning a 25-year focus on Dogrib ethnography and a research partnership that produced several influential and important articles, books, and reports.’
    • ‘There are a growing number of Dogrib individuals in leadership positions in their communities and in Yellowknife.’
    • ‘Native Indians from the Dogrib First Nations community in Canada were demonstrating their ancient lore and traditions in Stromness on Saturday afternoon.’
    • ‘It was followed by Dene, Inuktitut, Slavey, Dogrib and Ojibway translations.’
    • ‘In 2001, an Inuit hunter from Baker Lake, two Yellowknife hunters from Dettah, and two Dogrib hunters from Fort Rae were also surveyed during this period.’


Translation of Dogrib Thlingchadinne ‘dog's flank’, from the legend that the people's common ancestor was a dog.