Definition of dogshore in English:



  • Each of a pair of blocks of timber positioned on each side of a ship on a slipway to prevent it sliding down before launching.

    • ‘When the button was pressed, the galvanic circuit that activated the two magnets holding the weights was cut and the two weights crashed down onto the dogshores, releasing the ship.’
    • ‘A rope on each side which held the balancing weight that kept the last dogshores in position was joined by strands across the bow upright.’
    • ‘The photograph show the scene upon the principal platform immediately after the Duchess cut the last retaining cord in order to release the dogshores and start the ship down the inclined plane of the ways.’
    • ‘Immediately the dogshores were knocked down and the vessel glided majestically into the Lake, everyone exclaiming, that a more beautiful launch could not have been witnessed.’