Definition of dogsled in English:


(also dog sled)

Pronunciation /ˈdäɡˌsled/ /ˈdɑɡˌslɛd/


North American
  • A sled designed to be pulled by dogs.

    • ‘When Buck wins sixteen hundred dollars for his beloved friend after pulling the dog sled laden with one thousand pounds of flour, the pace of life changes.’
    • ‘Frederik is quite the athletic, adventurous soul - in 2000, he explored Greenland on a dog sled.’
    • ‘One year a woman had to be sent to the hospital after an accident with a dog sled.’
    • ‘Among the Polar Eskimo of the Thule District, for example, the dog sled was the most important means of transportation, used up to ten months of the year.’
    • ‘He was not a lumberjack, or a fur trader, and he didn't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dog sled.’
    • ‘‘They led the Stanley Cup into town on a dog sled,’ Oak says.’
    • ‘Our troubled twosome hitch a dog sled to help their newfound friend retrieve his gold, all the while trying to evade a cavalcade of casino crooks.’
    • ‘Visitors can ride a dog sled on the ice path and experience first-hand this means of transport that is commonly used during the winters of Northeast China.’
    • ‘If you prefer a solo challenge, consider racing a dog sled over 1,100 miles of Alaskan wasteland on the Iditarod trail between Anchorage and Nome.’
    • ‘Not long ago exploration didn't require much more than a dog sled, a compass, a modest stake, and a whole lot of gumption.’
    • ‘Masson confirms there are few better ways to experience the winter wonderland that is la Belle Province than from the back of a dog sled.’
    • ‘There is no longer a chance White Fang will ever get along with the other dogs, for he is now made leader on the dog sled.’
    • ‘The next morning found me at the wheel, so to speak, of my dog sled.’
    • ‘Over the course of the journey, their dog sled is pursued by a hungry pack of wolves.’
    • ‘I had enough money in the bank to buy gas, food, and perhaps rent a dog sled if it came down to that.’
    • ‘Before the advent of the snowmobile, she would run in front of the dog sled team in snowshoes to break the snow and clear a path.’
    • ‘The first thing we had to do was climb into our winter suits - which looked a bit like padded overalls - and snow boots as the next leg of the journey was to take place aboard a dog sled.’
    • ‘Something a tad more modern, like a car, airplane, dog sled or skateboard would be too boring for the man who plays piano by ear, paints, draws and enters triathlons despite the fact he can't swim.’
    • ‘Some villages are so remote that they are accessible only by air, snowmobile, or dog sled during the winter.’
    • ‘Their tough journey sees the keen youngsters tolerating the most basic and harsh conditions including travelling over 100 miles by dog sled and surviving temperatures of 50 degrees below zero.’

intransitive verb

[no object]usually as noun dogsledding
  • Travel by dogsled.

    ‘winter activities include cross-country skiing and dogsledding’
    • ‘Options include mountain biking, kayaking, dogsledding, hiking, and horseback riding, which may be packaged with helicopter flightseeing.’
    • ‘In spring, when there is round-the-clock light and it's difficult to sleep, the Inuit I was dogsledding with would ask me to read passages aloud, even though they couldn't understand my English version.’
    • ‘They started the Ivakkak, which means ‘running at a comfortable speed’ in Inuttitut, to promote Inuit Husky dogs and revive the Inuit tradition of dogsledding.’’
    • ‘The hotel offers a range of outdoor activities - from dogsledding to snowmobiling.’
    • ‘He had introduced me and a few other first-time mushers to dogsledding, and now I found myself listening to the excited baying of my dogs.’
    • ‘What sets this festival apart from others is its easy going personality and the family-friendly setting that balances every kind of activity - from dogsledding to snowshoeing - with tastings and seminars.’
    • ‘And if you're in the mood for other winter adventure ranging from backcountry ski tours to snowshoeing or dogsledding, contact the adventure travel agency.’
    • ‘The book features lots of colour photos and mostly Inuit writers' tips on everything from dogsledding and walrus watching to luxury cruises and the dangers of ice floes.’
    • ‘Also, my mother is going dogsledding tomorrow.’
    • ‘I have been dogsledding in Finland and Russia in the middle of a cold snap, and instead of the January average of minus 15, it's minus 30.’
    • ‘In addition to cross county skiing, winter activities include dogsledding, ice skating and tobogganing.’
    • ‘He bought his first husky soon after and his love for dogsledding began.’
    • ‘Three years later, both actors have emerged from their respective trash heaps in order to star in two separate movies about dogsledding.’



/ˈdäɡˌsled/ /ˈdɑɡˌslɛd/