Definition of dolce far niente in English:

dolce far niente


  • Pleasant idleness.

    ‘Henry hastened to explain about the joys of dolce far niente’
    • ‘He lamented the dolce far niente that he found characterized the Italians as a nation.’
    • ‘Here was the dolce far niente of an inheritor culture.’
    • ‘It will come as no surprise even to homeschooling families that ‘Slack ‘- the ideal of dolce far niente - seems to have become the life goal of all too many young people in our land, and of their elders as well.’
    • ‘We have a tradition in this country in following that delicious practice of dolce far niente, doing nothing at all in a very gentle fashion.’
    • ‘The artist synthesized the physical beauty of Capri and the dolce far niente spirit of its residents.’
    idleness, indolence, laziness, lifelessness, slothfulness, shiftlessness, lethargy, inertia, slowness, sluggishness, stagnancy, doziness, listlessness


dolce far niente

/ˌdōlCHā ˌfär nēˈentā/ /ˌdoʊltʃeɪ ˌfɑr niˈɛnteɪ/


Italian, ‘sweet doing nothing’.