Definition of dolce vita in English:

dolce vita


in singular usually la dolce vita
  • A life of heedless pleasure and luxury.

    ‘he was young, beautiful, and living la dolce vita’
    • ‘There's no doubt that Vancouver is a great city: a West Coast exponent of la dolce vita, where lifestyle is a metropolitan obsession.’
    • ‘Watson's orotund voice is complemented by swooning strings, lush orchestration and gloriously cheery tempi, conjuring the Med, lemon trees and a large dollop of la dolce vita straight into your living room.’
    • ‘A mutual love for show business, good books, pretty women and la dolce vita put us on the same wavelength immediately.’
    • ‘Following a disastrous graduation ceremony, during which Lizzie accidentally destroys the presentation stage, she and her pals pack their bags and plan to live la dolce vita while on a class trip to Italy.’
    • ‘We lived out la dolce vita but Muriel never forgot Scotland.’
    • ‘The olive oil produced here is world-class, and Britons in search of la dolce vita are putting down roots in the area.’
    • ‘The pasta and fine coffee of Italy may only be 400 km away, but it is a long, long way from la dolce vita.’
    • ‘For a pampering, Italian-style getaway, embrace la dolce vita in northern California.’
    • ‘You could be somewhere in the world of la dolce vita.’
    • ‘All the while, it is gradually revealed that Alicia is not some goody two-shoes being corrupted by la dolce vita.’
    • ‘Strawberry mascarpone is the Italian equivalent of English strawberries and cream, with a little of la dolce vita thrown in.’
    • ‘Affluent domestic tourists were clearly being weaned away from the glitzy, Bollywood, ideal of dolce vita: the hedonistic heights of affordable luxury!’
    • ‘His aim is to quit politics for the dolce vita when he hits 60 in 2011.’
    • ‘But Portofino still lacked its very own song: one that could be murdered nightly in those dolce vita bars and restaurants.’
    • ‘After all, in order to live that dolce vita - with expensive sports cars, Caribbean vacations and all the creature comforts - you need to be a little corrupt… or lucky.’
    • ‘The all-natural cheese mixed herbs, sun-drenched tomatoes and spices for a flavor that ‘exudes la dolce vita.’’
    • ‘With 11 features and three programs of shorts, the festival brings a little clichéd dolce vita to the Bloor.’
    • ‘A call interrupts his dolce vita and he agrees to a meeting.’


dolce vita

/ˌdōlCHā ˈvēdə/ /ˌdoʊltʃeɪ ˈvidə/


Italian, literally ‘sweet life’.