Definition of dole-bludge in English:



[no object]informalAustralian, New Zealand
  • Live on unemployment benefit, especially by deliberately avoiding work.

    ‘I've never dole-bludged or been on a benefit’
    • ‘The selfishness of people who want to dole bludge is exactly the same selfishness of the rich who want to cheat on taxes and grab everything for themselves.’
    • ‘The Southfork folk neither drudged nor dole-bludged, nor did they play tennis or do pottery classes.’
    • ‘I was a writer and began painting houses for a crust, and also dole-bludged.’
    • ‘I know many who "dole bludged" early in their lives.’
    • ‘Often several generations of the same household have 'dole bludged'.’