Definition of dole-bludging in English:



mass nouninformalAustralian, New Zealand
  • The action of living on unemployment benefit, especially by deliberately avoiding work.

    ‘the writer posits a future of state-sanctioned dole-bludging’
    as modifier ‘dole-bludging dropouts’
    • ‘"I know a lot of activists who are doing amazing things for this country, for the environment, and they are called dole bludging hippies," says John.’
    • ‘Half the time the right refuses to pay money to beneficiaries because they see it as funding dole-bludging minorities.’
    • ‘My standard yearly question to the dole bludging fat, alcoholic imbecile who is my uncle is, "Am I really related to you?".’
    • ‘It seems that with this faulty logic, immigrants can simultaneously be responsible for job theft and dole bludging.’
    • ‘Just about every dole bludging, good-for-nothing layabout has pay TV.’
    • ‘I imagine that at night, the feckless dole-bludging slugathons come out to party and fight.’
    • ‘The majority of immigrants are working and paying taxes, so you could argue that they are more entitled to the school meals than a lot of the dole bludging masses.’
    • ‘I have to use up all my savings I had for retirement on rates etc. while my dole bludging neighbours live in government housing and have never worked.’
    • ‘Blue camo isn't for hunting, silly; it's for the dole bludging surfies hiding out at the beach.’
    • ‘Without fail you were treated like a dole bludging system leech, despite the full-time uni study and part-time job.’