Definition of dollar sign in English:

dollar sign

(also dollar mark)


  • The sign $, representing a dollar.

    • ‘Every tree cut in this forest can be translated into a simple and widely recognizable symbol: the dollar sign.’
    • ‘Make all entries without a dollar sign or comma but with a decimal point and cents.’
    • ‘The CEO then leaves ‘amicably’ to ‘pursue other interests’, and he's handed a giant sack with a dollar sign on the side of it on his way out the door.’
    • ‘It is merely a question of conveying instructions to the printers to effect the removal of the US dollar sign on the scratch card and replace it with the word minutes.’
    • ‘I don't think it's full disclosure unless there's a dollar sign there.’
    • ‘We simply hate everything that has the dollar sign attached to it.’
    • ‘However, this morning the number key containing the dollar sign stopped working, followed by the delete key and the return key.’
    • ‘There are other kinds of friendship you just can't put a dollar sign on.’
    • ‘Right beside it is a big number with a dollar sign at the front.’
    • ‘If they tell a bit of truth instead of worrying about the dollar sign, maybe we'll get a bit of justice.’
    • ‘Now multiply 120,000 by 75 million and add a dollar sign.’
    • ‘Some interpret it narrowly and say, ‘We're in charge of only the things that have a dollar sign in front of them.’’
    • ‘I think we could find a dollar sign somewhere here.’
    • ‘Can you explain the significance of ‘living spaces that are not bound to the dollar sign?’’
    • ‘The problem of the 21st century is the problem of the dollar sign.’
    • ‘Instead, a large white bag with a dollar sign on it appeared in his hand.’
    • ‘From the sky fell a bulging burlap sack, emblazoned with an enormous dollar sign.’
    • ‘It's easier to put a dollar sign on a software purchase than to do so on lost or gained productivity.’
    • ‘Squeezed in above the left arrow key is a dedicated Euro key, and above the right hand key, a dollar sign.’
    • ‘The new packaging emphasizes the dollar sign logo and has added richer colors.’