Definition of dollarbird in English:



  • The eastern broad-billed roller of Asia and Australasia, which has a conspicuous white coin-shaped mark on the wing that is visible in flight.

    Eyrystomus orientalis, family Coraciidae

    • ‘Dollarbirds readily take to nestboxes but our experience with dollarbird breeding is not large.’
    • ‘Various subspecies of the dollarbird have evolved in some parts of its range.’
    • ‘Shamas, barbets, dollarbirds, bee-eaters, coucals, parakeets, pittas, shrikes, bulbuls - birds of every shape and variety, common or rare are to be found in some part of Pulau Ubin.’
    • ‘Lorikeets, rosellas, kingfishers, dollarbirds, kookaburras, cockatoos and a variety of other species make the Atherton Blue Gum a very diverse birding haven.’
    • ‘The dollarbird lives in the deep forests of remote mountain areas, where the old holy mountain retreats like Mt. Koya (Koya San in Wakayama), Nikko, Kiso and others were located.’