Definition of dolphin-safe in English:



  • (on canned tuna labels) indicating that the tuna has been harvested using fishing methods that are not harmful to dolphins.

    • ‘On Earth Day 1990, the company joined with its subsidiary to announce they would only purchase tuna caught using dolphin-safe methods.’
    • ‘On New Year's Eve, 2002, the administration proposed new, weaker standards for dolphin-safe tuna labeling, provoking a lawsuit.’
    • ‘The Commerce Department, under pressure from the fishing industry, is trying to severely weaken the requirements for dolphin-safe labels on tuna cans.’
    • ‘The only independently inspected waters for dolphin-safe tuna fishing are in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘Learn more about the threats to the dolphin-safe tuna label.’
    • ‘Examples of credence goods in agriculture would include free range chicken, organic or nongenetically modified food products, dolphin-safe tuna, and country of origin labeling.’
    • ‘During his last 30 years, he expanded his gospel of American wilderness issues to include everything from nuclear weapons to solar energy, toxics, population growth, and dolphin-safe tuna.’
    • ‘These clubs target a number of animal rights issues including laboratory animal research, product safety testing, dissection, animals in science fairs, zoos, animals in entertainment, hunting, trapping and dolphin-safe tuna.’
    • ‘They also reckon that their concept will resonate with local culture despite its western environmentalist and counter-culture origins - such offerings as dolphin-safe tuna with organic brown rice and organic peppermint tea.’
    • ‘The judge issued a preliminary injunction preserving the dolphin-safe label's requirements.’
    • ‘To get this volume, he decided last year to create a new eco-label, similar to that used for organic produce or dolphin-safe tuna, which would certify growers.’
    • ‘And only wild salmon and dolphin-safe tuna is to be served.’
    • ‘This had a profound impact on the industry, since any country that did not use dolphin-safe techniques found it difficult to sell their product.’
    • ‘They have pledged to adhere to the older, stricter dolphin-safe rules.’