Definition of domal in English:



  • (chiefly of geological features) having the form of a dome.

    ‘continental plates also give rise to domal uplifts’
    • ‘The Helland-Hansen Arch (formerly referred to as the Molde High) is one of the largest domal features.’
    • ‘These events were preceded by plume-related domal uplift.’
    • ‘They are also commonly associated with large domal uplifts and have an underlying lithosphere that, like mid-ocean ridges, is abnormally thin, and invaded by low-velocity, high-temperature material.’
    • ‘The slurry of fluid plus grains is then ‘erupted’ at the sediment-water interface, forming domal structures akin to volcanoes.’
    • ‘The shelf sinters are domal and resemble stromatolites.’