Definition of domestic partner in English:

domestic partner


North American
  • A person who is living with another in a close personal and sexual relationship.

    • ‘That's silly, and it trivializes the very real and widespread discrimination faced by gay and lesbian domestic partners in insurance, employment, housing, and inheritance.’
    • ‘Several of the companies on our list expanded their nondiscrimination policies and began to provide the same benefits to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian employees that they do to straight spouses.’
    • ‘Whether the words come from a husband, a domestic partner, a lover, a parent, a sibling, or a friend, they always wound.’
    • ‘In the time that I have known her she has become a remarkable lover, as well as an esteemed domestic partner.’
    • ‘He had previous relationships of significant duration, including a prior domestic partner.’
    • ‘His employer didn't recognize domestic partners when it came to insurance.’
    • ‘Many corporations are already offering health insurance and other benefits to the domestic partners of homosexual employees.’
    • ‘We became domestic partners in the state of California three years ago.’
    • ‘If things go well, the state could over time attach new rights and responsibilities to domestic partners.’
    • ‘The bill would also ban some state employees from getting benefits for their domestic partners.’
    • ‘But he finally decided that his domestic partner could be his professional one.’
    • ‘She starts the essay by writing about how she felt when she and her lover went to register as domestic partners.’
    • ‘The company has provided medical insurance to gay domestic partners since 2000 and has since added dental and vision insurance, bereavement leave, relocation assistance, and pension survivorship benefits.’
    • ‘Thanks to a method of counting domestic partners on the 2000 census, advocates say they will soon get unprecedented insight into the behavior, geography, and lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of same-sex couples.’
    • ‘Just like married couples, legally hitched domestic partners are liable for debts racked up by their significant others.’
    • ‘For couples who are currently registered as domestic partners in the state, the approximately 20 legal rights and responsibilities they have under state law will be automatically expanded when the new law takes effect.’
    • ‘The couple registered as domestic partners in New York.’
    • ‘The children could not be covered since the insurance did not extend to children of domestic partners.’
    • ‘Though such benefits today are limited to dental and health care, the company says it is reviewing the discrepancy between its other corporate benefits for married couples that don't apply to domestic partners.’
    • ‘Whatever happens in national politics, we can look forward to gains at the state and local level as more jurisdictions approve non-discrimination laws or domestic partners registries.’