Definition of domestic violence in English:

domestic violence

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  • Violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner.

    ‘police, social services, and voluntary agencies are working together to tackle domestic violence’
    • ‘On that day police received more than 1,300 calls reporting domestic violence.’
    • ‘There is also a workshop with women from various backgrounds who had suffered terrible domestic violence.’
    • ‘It is a breeding ground for drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and gang mentality.’
    • ‘But domestic violence is different, she adds, since it has a huge impact on a victim's work life and general well-being.’
    • ‘While no price tag can be put on the human cost of domestic violence, London is beginning to calculate its drain on public services.’
    • ‘Every year 100,000 women in the capital seek medical help, and 17 per cent of homelessness applications are a result of domestic violence, according to Mayor Ken Livingstone.’
    • ‘The not-for-profit organization provides shelter, counseling and support to victims of domestic violence and their children, with the annual art auction as its largest fundraiser.’
    • ‘Several nonprofits across the country are working with companies to develop workplace initiatives to help curb domestic violence toward women and men.’
    • ‘The novel is very much concerned with domestic violence and its traumatic consequences both for the individual and the community.’
    • ‘Examples include domestic violence, sexual assault (of which the overwhelming majority is committed by someone whom the victim knows) and child abuse.’
    • ‘It is a moving letter written against a background of domestic violence.’
    • ‘Can exposure to domestic violence and neglect damage brain circuits?’
    • ‘Many face such challenges as poverty, domestic violence, social isolation, chemical abuse, or being adolescent parents.’
    • ‘The link between pet abuse and domestic violence is well documented.’
    • ‘I think the ability to be able to talk about domestic violence is hindered massively by the shame associated with it.’
    • ‘Domestic abuse that includes physical violence is called domestic violence.’
    • ‘Parental alcoholism, drug abuse, mental instability, and severe domestic violence resulted in feelings of emotional (or symbolic) abandonment, as well.’
    • ‘Because of parental death, domestic violence, or drug abuse, nine of the women were removed from their families of origin and placed in foster care.’
    • ‘Feminist writings have focused attention on domestic violence and challenged the assumptions of approaches that blame women for their victimization.’
    • ‘Concern for the safety of the victim of domestic violence is always a priority in my work.’