Definition of domesticable in English:



See domesticate

  • ‘Europe and Aisa were on an east-west axis, so any animals that proved domesticable in the east could be moved to the west or vice versa, because there was little difference in sunlight hours or climate.’
  • ‘It was because there were domesticable crops and animals in Euroasia, and barely any across the Pacific.’
  • ‘Horses were perfect domesticable animals with dominance hierarchies, a tolerance for other species and herding instincts.’
  • ‘They were much less effective as animal domesticators, possibly because they had fewer domesticable animals to work with.’
  • ‘It turns out that for a wild mammal species to be domesticable it has to possess something like half a dozen different characteristics and if it fails on any one of those characteristics it can't be domesticated.’