Definition of dominee in English:



South African
  • A minister of the Dutch Reformed Church.

    • ‘He and his siblings grew up there in humble circumstances - with their father as the dominee ministering to a congregation in the church in the main street.’
    • ‘As a Springbok rugby star in the late 1920s and as a Dutch Reformed dominee, he was prominent in both of Afrikanerdom's religions.’
    • ‘On Monday, his son-in-law said he would be buried in the rose garden next to the former historic Dutch Reformed Mission Church in Beaufort West, where his father had been a dominee.’
    • ‘Stepping up to the dominee, I got a liberal sprinkling with the aid of a palm frond.’
    • ‘He is another dominee with great organisational skills and a matching warm, deeply sincere personality.’


Afrikaans and Dutch, from the Latin vocative domine! ‘master!’.