Definition of dominical in English:



  • 1Of Sunday as the Lord's day.

    • ‘As to the other dominical sacrament, the role of baptism in justification is that it removes original sin.’
  • 2Of Jesus Christ as the lord.

    ‘Turner also says that ‘The Gospel of Philip contains approximately sixteen dominical sayings, some with and some without context or accompanying action, and two actions attributed to Jesus.’’
    • ‘This is an interesting passage, and more complex than first meets the eye (a complexity due in part to Augustine's attention to the apparent mismatch between the lawyer's question before the parable and the dominical command after it).’
    • ‘They or the church can pronounce a couple divorced (breaking the Sixth Commandment and the dominical command in Matthew 19: 6).’
    • ‘The dominical precepts express the New Law, and for this reason it is telling that the scholastics interpreted them through the prism of their concept of the natural law, just as they did the precepts of the Old Law.’



/dəˈminək(ə)l/ /dəˈmɪnək(ə)l/


Middle English from late Latin dominicalis, from Latin dominicus, from dominus ‘lord, master’.