Definition of doner kebab in English:

doner kebab

Pronunciation /ˈdɒnə/ /ˈdəʊnə/


  • A Turkish dish consisting of spiced lamb cooked on a spit and served in slices, typically with pitta bread.

    • ‘These stalls sell the Gulf version of doner kebab; vertical spit-roasted lamb pieces are sliced and served in some form of flatbread such as mafrooda or hollowed-out roll with tomato, parsley, and tahini dressing.’
    • ‘You can still pick up a tasty doner kebab or chicken tikka kebab to go - and for a very reasonable price too.’
    • ‘People everywhere in the city walk around munching on shawarma, a species of doner kebab: chicken or lamb sliced off a hot rotating cone, wrapped in either pitta or flat Georgia lavash and dipped in spicy yoghurt.’
    • ‘The doner kebab was served with fresh yogurt, ketchup and butter.’
    • ‘To wit: crusty shards of doner kebab (spit-roasted lamb-and-beef that is the Turkish version of gyros) are piled on toasted bread croutons and sauced with tomato and wildly tart, runny yogurt.’
    • ‘I looked for an idea, and spotted the concept of the doner kebab.’
    • ‘There is doner kebab, there is shish kebab, there is kofte kebab.’
    • ‘Next comes a heavy scattering of tandoori chicken pieces, followed by hulking handfuls of greasy doner kebab meat and great globs of onions marinated in a mysterious radioactive-red sauce.’
    • ‘Having learnt my lesson the hard way, and passed on the doner kebabs, we retired back to Argentina to eat another steak.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, only a quarter had heard of the delicacy lamb's fry, while 14 per cent deemed doner kebabs a traditional regional food.’
    • ‘Of course, if there's one Turkish dish that most people are familiar with, it's probably doner kebabs, and these were available, using moist, full-flavored lamb.’
    • ‘It wasn't always thus: once upon a time, I ate undercooked doner kebabs and washed them down with axle-grease instant coffee like the rest of you.’
    • ‘We had a good evening, got a taxi back, and bought doner kebabs the size of small lifeboats.’


From Turkish döner kebap, from döner ‘rotating’ and kebap ‘roast meat’.


doner kebab

/ˈdɒnə/ /ˈdəʊnə/