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  • 1A person who donates something, especially money to a fund or charity.

    ‘an anonymous donor has given $25’
    • ‘loans from rich donor countries’
    • ‘The charity specializes in using donor money to buy people in developing world animals from cows to camels and everything in between.’
    • ‘The bit we like best is the idea that tax relief is available today for money that donors agree to bequeath to charities on their death.’
    • ‘The expectation of the donors was that charities receiving the funds would disburse the money to needy victims just as quickly.’
    • ‘As an alternative, the organization is encouraging the walk's potential donors to give money directly to the charities they support.’
    • ‘Sound equipment worth more than £30,000 has been donated to the concert venue by the anonymous donor.’
    • ‘The donors say this western money went to help create conditions for free and fair elections, not directly to the opposition; that, too, should be carefully examined.’
    • ‘Instead, the Government has introduced tax breaks aimed at encouraging the private sector donors to pour money into the construction of a new national stadium.’
    • ‘As a charity we rely on donors and financial help, and David has helped people to come forward to help with both.’
    • ‘Public interest groups and the press insist that campaign donors supposedly only give money to politicians to bribe them.’
    • ‘Most donors to charity are private entrepreneurs, who are often unwilling to let others know about the donation out of fear of the tax department.’
    • ‘There were no arrests or charges, though federal agents visited the homes of many of the charity's local donors.’
    • ‘The money will come from donors and the state budget, he said.’
    • ‘But it also became a major aid donor to India.’
    • ‘International donors have been willing to help Indonesians seeking to bring the past to light.’
    • ‘So we find a kind donor who gives us this rent-free, and that's how it began.’
    • ‘The $3.7 billion pledged by donors will be just enough to sustain current programmes.’
    • ‘The tsunami generated an unprecedented outpouring of generosity, with donor pledges reaching some US $13.6 billion.’
    • ‘To raise that money, officials from 70 donor countries meet Thursday in Madrid.’
    • ‘He says relief agencies desperately need more help from international organizations and donor countries.’
    • ‘The donor agencies also came with a stated philosophy that seemed to promise change.’
    giver, contributor, benefactor, benefactress, subscriber, donator
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    1. 1.1A person who provides blood for transfusion, semen for insemination, or an organ or tissue for transplantation.
      ‘one third of patients die before a suitable donor is found’
      • ‘a blood donor’
      • ‘Before death, the organ donor received several transfusions of blood products.’
      • ‘A device to make the organs of brain-dead donors more suitable for transplant will be evaluated in a government-funded study.’
      • ‘The majority of the healthy control subjects were healthy blood donors, and the others were organ transplant donors.’
      • ‘Those in attendance had the opportunity to sign up to become organ donors and to give blood.’
      • ‘One night our teenage son and I had to run our dog to the clinic to be a donor for an emergency blood transfusion.’
      • ‘She received a heart and lung transplant from a donor with type A blood.’
      • ‘For renal transplantation, marginal donors include cadavers from one or more of the following categories.’
      • ‘The law required autopsies on donors before removal of organs, delaying the process so that it was usually too late.’
      • ‘More than one half of all kidney recipients receive an organ from a cadaveric donor.’
      • ‘Before a transfusion is given, the blood of the donor and the recipient must be tested against each other to ensure they are compatible.’
      • ‘Their policy requires that the blood types of donors and recipients be matched before releasing any organs.’
      • ‘Matching bone marrow donors are usually blood relatives.’
      • ‘In 2003, 772 individuals became major organ donors although over 6,000 people are still waiting for suitable organs.’
      • ‘The sample comprised unrelated healthy blood donors, and informed consent was obtained from all individuals participating in the study.’
      • ‘Therefore, it is mandatory to establish an effective technique for screening blood donors for the malaria parasite.’
      • ‘The rest come from people who die and have signed organ donor cards.’
      • ‘The organisers also honoured individual donors who had donated blood more than ten times.’
      • ‘Living donors often donate an organ to a family member or close friend.’
      • ‘And he remains on a mission to persuade more people to sign donor cards.’
      • ‘The degree to which the lymphocytes enlarge and multiply indicates the compatibility of donor to recipient.’
    2. 1.2Chemistry An atom or molecule that provides electrons in forming a coordinate bond.
      ‘Nitrates act as donors of nitric oxide, a molecule with a recognized potential for genotoxicity.’
      • ‘Carbenes can act as electron donors in chemical reactions.’
      • ‘Some of the molecules are donors and others acceptors.’
      • ‘Such measurements should be independent of the local concentrations of donor and acceptor molecules.’
      • ‘A new reaction of this dye, whereby its excited triplet state oxidizes suitable electron donors, is now reported.’
    3. 1.3Physics An impurity atom in a semiconductor which contributes a conducting electron to the material.



/ˈdōnər/ /ˈdoʊnər/


Middle English from Old French doneur, from Latin donator, from donare ‘give’.