Definition of doodah in English:



  • Used to refer to something that the speaker cannot name precisely.

    ‘from the poshest potpourri to the humblest dangly doodah’
    • ‘As the workshop of the world we made everything from gizmos to doodahs, then sent them to each wrinkle on the face of the Earth.’
    • ‘All of the ideas and all of the amends are delegated down from the project managers and the conceptual people to the people who actually produce the final work who are also the people who actually understand what widgets and doodahs are for.’
    • ‘See, once again one of my posts on this site presages a new trend at the cutting-edge of the doodah thingummybob.’
    • ‘I'm not sure exactly what the little rubber doodahs sheet is made of.’
    • ‘Challenge No. 3 is to make it into some kind of all-singing all-dancing plug-and-play searchable calendar enabled hyper-semantic doodah.’
    • ‘As such, then, it's utterly pointless and a complete waste of time, yet it is an undeniably cute doodah whatchermacallit (yes, that's one more technical term).’
    • ‘In order to assemble the fax, one has to put the first line just above the second line and be sure that the first line, or the paper it is written on, doesn't have a large velocity with respect to doodah that writes the second line.’
    • ‘He has handpassed this questionnaire doodah on to me.’
    • ‘Anyway, that doodah said that I didn't have spinal damage so I was allowed to take the collar off.’
    object, article, item, artefact, commodity


    all of a doodah
    British informal
    • Very agitated.

      ‘they'll be all of a doodah because of the bombs’


Early 20th century (in the phrase all of a doodah): perhaps from the refrain of the song Camptown Races.