Definition of doom-monger in English:



  • A person who predicts disaster.

    ‘the situation is nowhere near as critical as doom-mongers will have you believe’
    • ‘In one item a radio interviewer confronted a professional doom-monger who announces that mankind is "nature's mistake".’
    • ‘Every day of the week some green doom-monger can be heard in lament for the dwindling or extinction of some bird or other.’
    • ‘My suspicions don't mean that I am a doom-monger or cynical pessimist, but utopian thinking hasn't led to very happy ends in the past.’
    • ‘No sooner are the latest improvements in grades announced than the doom-mongers grumble about falling standards.’
    • ‘Most people choose to continue with life despite the climate change doom-mongers.’
    • ‘Climate change, say the doom-mongers, could put hundreds of resorts out of business.’
    • ‘The doom-mongers predicted the death of local newspapers years ago.’
    • ‘I wasn't antiwar, and I don't think I'm a doom-monger, but I believe there are genuine reasons for concern about the course of events in that country.’
    • ‘McGuire is resigned to being called a doom-monger and makes no apology for raising another bleak spectre: a volcanic winter.’
    • ‘People would have dismissed him a few years ago as a humourless doom-monger.’
    • ‘Contrary to the impression created by the doom-mongers, there has been a dramatic decline in smoking since the dangers first became widely publicized.’
    • ‘In this case of alarmism, people are quite happy to ignore the doom-mongers because of the transparent utility of the technology.’
    • ‘They confounded the doom-mongers who had predicted massive fraud, civil unrest and the early demise of the entire common currency project.’
    • ‘Cheap wine, predict the doom-mongers in the media, is about to become a thing of the past.’
    • ‘Kevin Sinfield has hit back at the doom-mongers who claim Leeds are a spent force this season.’
    • ‘But 12 months later, the doom-mongers appear to have been proved wrong.’
    • ‘It seems obvious - particularly to doom-mongers - that world oil consumption can only increase.’
    • ‘Never quite admits the doom-mongers of the 70s were just plain wrong, does he?’
    • ‘The doom-mongers say this is just another technological tyranny.’
    alarmist, prophet of doom, Cassandra, voice of doom, doom-monger