Definition of doom and gloom in English:

doom and gloom

(also gloom and doom)


  • A general feeling of pessimism or despondency.

    ‘the national feeling of doom and gloom’
    • ‘Those who predicted doom and gloom at the start of the campaign will no doubt be feeling rather smug.’
    • ‘‘It's not all gloom and doom,’ he says, with a twinkle in his eye.’
    • ‘The one good thing about all this gloom and doom, I thought to myself, is that it would be highly unlikely that my neighbor's gardeners would appear on a day like this.’
    • ‘While commentators have been casting gloom and doom on the prospects for their opponents, I think every party involved in this election will have some degree of satisfaction.’
    • ‘This is not only good news but encouraging revelations, especially made at the beginning of the year when projections are usually about gloom and doom.’
    • ‘Look, it wasn't all gloom and doom, but like I said - it was getting old.’
    • ‘It's a miraculous way to yank yourself out of gloom and doom.’
    • ‘So the tabloid-style gloom and doom may simply be disinformation.’
    • ‘Nobody is forecasting gloom and doom here, but we are facing challenging times that if not dealt with have serious implications for the entire world.’
    • ‘Is there any good news among all this gloom and doom?’
    defeatism, negative thinking, negativity, expecting the worst, doom and gloom, gloom, gloominess