Definition of doomsayer in English:



North American
  • A person who predicts disaster.

    • ‘Perhaps you have already heard some doomsayers predict that a worldwide catastrophe will befall our planet on either April 6 or May 5 when some of the planets will be in alignment.’
    • ‘Will the upcoming planetary conjunction affect Earth, bringing about volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floods, as today's doomsayers predict?’
    • ‘And, yet, at every step we had countless doomsayers who predicted that this or that step would not be taken because of ‘security problems.’’
    • ‘Despite that, latest sales figures suggest the doomsayers who predicted mass pub closures when the law was introduced over six months ago were largely wrong.’
    • ‘Although doomsayers predicted that the new baggage mandates would trigger chaos at airports, implementation went rather smoothly.’
    • ‘At least some variants are still spreading today, albeit at a much slower rate than many of the Internet doomsayers predicted.’
    • ‘There are the doomsayers who predict the collapse of the global ecosystem.’
    • ‘The doomsayers predict that the world is still hurtling towards a major catastrophe as resources run out.’
    • ‘Some years it drew out the doomsayers who predicted its demise.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for the doomsayers, their central predictions are simply not coming true.’
    • ‘Anyway, as I am sure you do not, don't listen to the doomsayers in the press.’
    • ‘Quantity is not everything, but the doomsayers' view that the consumer is being denied a wide choice of books is hard to sustain.’
    • ‘Fortunately, most of us disagree with these doomsayers.’
    • ‘Now that it's here, perhaps the doomsayers will pipe down a bit.’
    • ‘The doomsayers are confusing a cyclical downturn with a permanent trend.’
    • ‘Here's another fact sure to be unpopular with the doomsayers: the survey was taken last Fall.’
    • ‘She apparently has made mincemeat of more than her share of doomsayers and detractors.’
    • ‘As flawed as the human race is, we seem to be a lot better than the doomsayers think at muddling through.’
    • ‘After last Friday's carnage, I almost gave in to doomsayers' predictions that the end of our financial system is nigh, but I have to admit, this was in a moment of little faith.’
    • ‘The doomsayers were having a field day, spreading their pessimistic philosophy of gloom and doom to every forum they could ooze their way into.’
    defeatist, fatalist, alarmist, prophet of doom, cynic, doomsayer, doomster, gloom-monger, doom-monger, doomwatcher, Cassandra