Definition of door knocker in English:

door knocker


  • A metal or wooden instrument hinged to a door and rapped by visitors to attract attention and gain entry.

    • ‘Her time away had sharpened her eyes so that she could no longer overlook the tarnished brass door knocker or the window shutter hanging by one rusted hinge.’
    • ‘I loved the cover with a gold door knocker on a dark-blue background, but the sales reps decreed it too safe.’
    • ‘He had hated the house the moment he saw it - a showy, gold-trimmed monstrosity whose gilded door knocker and audacious balconies and turrets breathed wealth.’
    • ‘It had a cement walkway going to the front door, steps that led into the house and a brass door knocker that was very old.’
    • ‘On the cover is a bronze door knocker composed of two bears.’
    • ‘I have in my possession a very old door knocker which appears to have been hand made.’
    • ‘Transforming the building into a tea room has involved the restoration of many of its original Georgian features right down to its brass door knocker.’
    • ‘Attach electric jumper cables to your door knocker.’
    • ‘She reached the Mayor's house and banged the door knocker twice.’
    • ‘There is a ruined brass door knocker in the shape of a swan.’
    • ‘She looked up and was overwhelmed at how big the door was and how fancy it looked with the dragon head door knocker and the Chinese patterns.’
    • ‘In all my years I would have never guessed he lived behind a door with a door knocker of that appearance on it.’
    • ‘Turning her eyes away from the artistic grounds, she pulled the door knocker a little harder than she intended in her haste.’
    • ‘Paint the front door and polish your street number, door knocker, and mailbox.’
    • ‘There's no doorbell, so she raises the brass door knocker and raps it a few times.’
    • ‘I raised my hand and placed it on the little door knocker, lifting it.’
    • ‘Thinking that no one would have heard a measly door knocker in such a massive house, she proceeded to knock three times more, harder.’
    • ‘A wreath that fills a window looks better than one that just hides the door knocker.’
    • ‘Entering the courtyard of the town's mosque, she pointed out the two door knockers.’
    • ‘He has a colorful front door decorated with a pair of door knockers in the shape of a lion's head and a long, rounded bamboo bench.’


door knocker

/dɔ(ə)r ˈnɑkər/