Definition of doorbell in English:



  • A bell in a building which can be rung by visitors outside to signal their arrival.

    ‘Charlotte rang the doorbell’
    • ‘I grinned at him and gave him a hug just as the doorbell rang signalling the arrival of my friends.’
    • ‘I slowly limped to the house, rang the doorbell like a shy visitor, and waited for mom to greet me.’
    • ‘I ignore the doorbell when it rings because it's never a genuine visitor.’
    • ‘The association also provides equipment and aids for use in daily living like television and stereo listening devices, smoke alarms and doorbells.’
    • ‘She goes from house to house, ringing doorbells and then running away.’
    • ‘The children ring our doorbells in the middle of the night.’
    • ‘Unionists have volunteered to go out and ring doorbells to urge people to cancel their subscriptions.’
    • ‘The dog is trained to alert them to doorbells, smoke alarms and phones.’
    • ‘At about quarter to midnight the doorbell rang and more guests arrived.’
    • ‘She has a sister who lives in Queens, but she has never had enough courage to ring the doorbell.’
    • ‘Say you are visiting a friend in Paris and you want to ring his doorbell.’
    • ‘A couple of weeks ago the postman rang the doorbell early on a Saturday morning.’
    • ‘The girl rang the doorbell of a nearby house and told the owner what had happened.’
    • ‘I go home and people are running in and out of the house and not even ringing the doorbell.’
    • ‘A man rang the doorbell and said he was doing some work next door and would like a brew.’
    • ‘But not everyone likes having their doorbell rung after dark, especially the elderly.’
    • ‘He rang the doorbell three times and sat outside my house in his car for over an hour.’
    • ‘I'm not a jumpy person, especially when doorbells ring.’
    • ‘Both have been ringing more doorbells for several reasons.’
    • ‘Help with mailings, attend campaign events, and volunteer to go ring doorbells with the candidate.’