Definition of doorjamb in English:



  • Each of the two upright parts of a doorframe, on one of which the door is hung.

    • ‘Turn the screw in or back it out to raise and rower the screen door until the door frame is up off the track and the door side meets the doorjamb evenly.’
    • ‘My small, blue backpack sat in between the doorjamb and the door, allowing a strip of light in.’
    • ‘Spring metal weatherstripping is installed on the doorjamb next to the door stop.’
    • ‘The label usually is on the edge of the door or doorjamb, in the glove box, or on the inside of the gas cap cover.’
    • ‘Sometimes, the slightest leaning of a doorjamb can cause a door to swing open or shut on its own.’
    • ‘The doorjambs were made of a dark wood.’
    • ‘Hook a piece of exercise tubing that has a door attachment onto the lowest point of a doorjamb.’
    • ‘Her smile widened when she saw him come in through the door and lean against the doorjamb watching her.’
    • ‘Finally exhausted, she slumped to the ground in front of his door, her face resting on the doorjamb.’
    • ‘Hook a resistance tube to the top of a doorjamb and stand with your right side to the door.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, she helped me duct-tape opaque plastic sheets over the room's windows, closet doorjambs, light fixtures, and electrical outlets.’
    • ‘When they tried to take me into the room, I grabbed either side of the doorjamb.’
    • ‘He is revealed standing motionless just outside the door, on the side by the doorjamb, a clean towel on his folded arm.’
    • ‘The threshold was raised some 40 cm above the level of the new floor and was provided with a new threshold block and doorjambs.’
    • ‘Use a scent to mark dangerous locations such as the corners of cables and doorjambs.’
    • ‘When the building was put up, the contractors made the doorjambs and the ceilings higher just for her arrival.’
    • ‘The doorjambs consist of large rectangular blocks of limestone spanning the full width of the wall.’
    • ‘The door opened and a blond man with deep black eyes was framed by the doorjambs.’
    • ‘Other areas of concern are the tops of blinds, pelmets, high windowsills and doorjambs.’
    • ‘With a crosscut or fast-cutting combination handsaw flat on the guide, cut out the bottom portion of your doorjamb so that when the slate is installed it will slip under the jamb.’



/ˈdôrjam/ /ˈdɔrdʒæm/