Definition of doornail in English:



  • A stud set in a door for strength or as an ornament.

    ‘In spite of being dumber than a doornail, the minister immediately picked up on it.’


    (as) dead as a doornail
    • Quite dead.

      ‘the plants are all as dead as a doornail’
      • ‘Everyone in front of me was dead - dead as a doornail.’
      • ‘‘As a doctrine, it's dead as a doornail,’ he insists.’
      • ‘If we'd lost it this estate would have been dead as a doornail.’
      • ‘He merely just flopped back on the floor, now dead as a doornail.’
      • ‘I'll stand in front of him until I'm as dead as a doornail.’
      • ‘Their screams sounded like nails on a chalkboard, or a strangled cat, as they slowly fell into heaps on the floor, dead as doornails and far more ugly.’
      • ‘They'll be deader'n doornails for the next couple hours.’
      • ‘Dated, fin-de-siècle symbolism is deader than a doornail (which at least doesn't rot), without the ghost of a chance at survival.’
      • ‘She's just deader than the proverbial doornail.’
      • ‘Don't ask me what has happened in the interim, but the whole issue seems to be as dead as the proverbial doornail just now.’