Definition of doorsill in English:



  • The sill or threshold of a doorway.

    • ‘Its interior reveals high performance sport seats, alloy pedals, leather shift knob, instrument cluster, three-spoke leather steering wheel, doorsills and floor mats.’
    • ‘Avoid stepping on doorsills when entering someone's residence.’
    • ‘The air scoops in front of the rear wheel arches are bigger and the doorsills are more substantial.’
    • ‘He went back to the murder scene and found a piece of flattened lead near the front edge of the doormat under the doorsill.’
    • ‘To complete any door weather stripping operation, don't forget the gap between the bottom of the door and the wood or metal doorsill.’
    • ‘John walked towards the open door, but stopped in the doorsill.’
    • ‘We got there not a moment too soon - another ten minutes, and it would have been over the edge of the doorsill and into the basement.’
    • ‘She pushed him toward the front door, but he clutched at the doorsill and dug in his heels, determined to have the last word.’
    • ‘In the final year of the twentieth century, Taiwan crossed a historic doorsill, completing an unprecedented transfer of power between political parties, and ushering in a new era in our nation's democratic development.’



/ˈdôrsil/ /ˈdɔrsɪl/