Definition of dopant in English:



  • A substance used to produce a desired electrical characteristic in a semiconductor.

    • ‘By changing the electrochemical current, the electrolyte composition, and the dopant characteristics of the wafer, one can tune the average diameter of the pores from a few nanometers to several micrometers.’
    • ‘Essentially, the losses introduced by the microstructure (surface scattering and so on) should not exceed the reduction in loss we achieve by eliminating dopants and therefore reducing material scattering.’
    • ‘Due to the original content of the iron dopant and the size of the resist pattern, the diameter of the particle can be effectively controlled well below the lithography limit.’
    • ‘Often the conducting properties of a semiconductor can be varied by adding an impurity known as a dopant so that a semiconductor can be made to act like either an insulator or a conductor.’
    • ‘Conventional ion sources use a tungsten filament to inject the gas containing the dopant with electrons.’


1960s from the verb dope+ -ant.