Definition of doper in English:



See dope

  • ‘It is not the vehement condemnation of dopers from an athlete in a unique position to give it, but it is the reaction of one who knows her reputation will never fully recover from what history records as an error on the part of the testers.’
  • ‘But for one shining moment, there was that first album, and on its virtues even dopers and beer-hounds could agree.’
  • ‘So, we're in a situation where the numbers of dopers are higher, but their chances of getting caught are higher as well.’
  • ‘If domestic authorities miss a cheater, the nation is either not testing sufficiently to catch and deter dopers, or, just as bad, is ignoring the results of its own testing.’
  • ‘Authorities finally admitted they couldn't seem to make a dent in the onslaught of dopers, vandals and thugs.’